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School of Choice – General Information

View the School of Choice Application Here.

The School of Choice is:

  • A TEA accredited high school within New Braunfels ISD.
  • A school with the same graduation requirements as all other public high schools, requiring a specific number of credits and success on required state assessments.
  • Self-paced with early graduation options, but students are expected to earn a minimum of 4 credits per semester and may be scheduled in regular semester-length classes depending on state assessment needs.
  • A diploma granting high school. (Students are permitted to walk the stage at regular NBHS graduation.)

The School of Choice is not:

  • Less rigorous.
  • A school that ranks its students. (A numeric and four-point grade averages can be calculated for college entrance purposes.)
  • A school that offers activities, such as band, athletics, or dance.

The School of Choice model student:

  • Is strongly motivated to attend school, earn credits, and graduate early.
  • Finds high school activities a distraction.
  • Has 12 or more state credits.
  • Is self-disciplined and has high initiative.
  • Is able to provide his or her own transportation to school.
  • Has completed Algebra I, English I, Biology or IPC, and World Geography.

The School of Choice curriculum:

  • Offers all regular core subjects in English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.
  • Offers most required electives, including health, speech, art, physical education, and Spanish, as well as a few other electives.
  • Is taught using regular classroom instruction and research-based instructional software, where students work on computers to progress through their coursework.

The School of Choice schedule:

  • Offers two sessions, one in the morning starting around 8:00 and another in the afternoon ending around 4:00. The time students are required to attend school depends on their credits and testing needs.
  • Allows students to choose their session (subject to availability).
  • Requires following the states compulsory attendance laws.

The School of Choice application:

  • Must be filled out completely. (Incomplete applications will not be accepted.)
  • Must include an up-to-date transcript, most recent state assessment scores, and a student
  • essay discussing why the student wishes to attend the School of Choice.
  • Should be submitted as follows:
    • During the summer for the beginning of the Fall semester.
    • At the end of the 3rd six weeks for the beginning of the Spring semester.

View the School of Choice Application Here.

School/Office Hours:

School: 7:55am - 3:55pm 
Office: 7:30am - 4:00pm